Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Does A Territorial Dog Bite Justify Euthanasia?

I don't think dogs should pay with their lives for the mistakes of their owners. The owner is apparently putting up a fence.

Dogs defend territory. That is normal and they can't help it. That doesn't make the dog vicious, it makes the dog NORMAL. A vicious dog is one that is mentally defective. She is not an animal expert, she is not qualified to make this determination. The bite also wasn't that bad, so the dog was more reacting to the intrusion rather than intending to kill her. And just because the dog was off its owner's property doesn't mean, to the dog, that it isn't protecting its territory from intruders.

I understand the victim being upset. I'd be pretty angry, too. But, I'd be upset with the owner, not the dog.

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