Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another Animal Rights Objective: Ban Tail Docking

The "cruel" docking of new born puppies' tails should be banned, MPs were told yesterday.

Campaigners say pedigree dogs' tails are cut without anaesthetic when they are just three to five days old only to make them look smarter.

They say the practice is the equivalent of cutting off a baby's little finger.

More insane animal rights rhetoric. Dogs don’t remember tail docking events, which are done before the dog is even a week old. It is harmless, from a medical or behavioral standpoint, if done by a professional veterinarian or breeder. I DO have a problem with ear cropping, which is done at 6 to 8 weeks of age, at a time when the pup can remember the effects, and the dog has to be anesthetized… which is risky, medically.

This could all be solved through selective breeding. You could breed tailless and short eared dogs. There are tailless breeds you could use. And study how the Bull Terrier folks developed a triangular ear in the 1950’s through selective breeding.

This whole thing has a sinister animal rights agenda behind it. It is a way to enact more breeding restrictions, which will be used to further restrict the breeding, training, and ownership of dogs.

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Arielle said...

I had to have our rescue's tail docked....the dr. said had it been done at birth, it would have saved her a lot of pain and discomfort. As it was, she had to have it done at a year and half, and was miserable until it healed.

I'm with you on the ears - my boxer's ears are natural, and I love her that way.