Friday, January 06, 2006

Tell Me Why This Is Justice!

George Boudros didn't learn that two of his four German shepherds had escaped their pen and attacked another dog until a McHenry County Animal Control officer showed up at his Crystal Lake home.

After the attack in December 1998, officials placed Zeba and Zorba on a county list of "dangerous and vicious" dogs. The list now numbers 10 animals still living in McHenry County. But under a recommendation from a county task force, dogs deemed vicious in the future would be killed.

Tell me how this is just?

Why should the dogs die if they got loose and caused harm?

You might hold the owner at fault for having a poorly made fence, but why kill the dogs? You might have had some weirdo let the dogs loose… so why would the dogs be punished?

Just because a dog bites doesn’t mean the dog is “vicious”.

This really irritates me. This is unjust!

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