Monday, January 23, 2006

Keeping Dogs As Trophies

Keeping dogs as pets is an expensive hobby, and if these dogs belong to some of the top breeds, the hobby calls for really deep pockets. But, this does not seem to be dithering Punjabis, who have money, space to accommodate the best dogs in the world, and a never dying love for pets.

Harchand Singh is one of several such people, who have a love for dogs. And not just a solitary dog of some high pedigree, but, several German Shepherds some Great Danes and even Labradors.

"Keeping dogs is a childhood hobby. I used to go to dog shows as a child. Since then I have developed a hobby for keeping dogs. I have six German Shepherds, two Great Danes. For the German Shepherds, I give them a daily diet of 300 grams of food in the morning and the evening, and for the Great Danes, it is 600 grams in the morning and the evening," said Harchand.

In Punjab, thousands of people like Harchand own multiple high-breed dogs as a matter of hobby. Pups of these super breeds start from somewhere in the vicinity of 25 thousand rupees and go up to a staggering 50 thousand rupees. But that does not bother these enterprising Punjabis, who are not just spending on dogs but are also keeping in their vast premises pets like Cocks, pigeons, turkeys and the like.

Keeping dogs as as trophies, instead of as pets, is a formula for disaster. Hopefully, these owners spend quality time with their dogs, and don't just own them for bragging rights.

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