Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Politically Correct Dog Laws From Down Under

A STATE database to track dangerous dogs will come into effect next month following a spate of dog attacks in Victoria.

The register aims to crack down on owners who move to avoid tight restrictions imposed by local councils on keeping a dangerous dog.

Under new laws, which will take effect on February 2, councils will be able to record onto a dog's microchip if it is dangerous, menacing or a restricted breed. The information will be shared with other councils through the database.

A dog is deemed menacing if it rushes at or barks aggressively at someone. That rating can be upgraded to "dangerous" if the dog is a repeat offender.

What next? Do we label dogs “menacing” if they look at you sideways? C’mon. This is complete overkill. The dog haters really have had their say. It’s time we start fighting back. The standard for defining a dog as being “dangerous” keeps being lowered to the point that any dog, regardless of breed or age or intent, can be labelled as "dangerous" or "menacing." Such dogs are then doomed to being put to death, even if no one was ever harmed.

In this Politically Correct world, we can’t hurt anyone’s feelings, and what people feel has become more important than what people do. Thus, a man can’t tell a woman at work that he likes her dress, because he can be hauled into Personnel for sexual harassment. And a dog can’t bark or growl at someone, even if they are justified in doing so, or startled, without being labeled as “menacing”, because some phobic dog hater can’t tell the difference between a normal dog behavior and one that is truly a sign of a vicious dog.

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