Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dog Saves Girl From Attacker

A TEENAGE girl who was attacked while out for a late-night walk was saved from a serious assault when her dog pounced on her assailant.

The 18-year-old was walking her dog in Dumbeg Park, near Wester Hailes railway station, at around 2am on Wednesday , when she was attacked.

The man grabbed her and dragged her into an underpass but, before he could do anything, the teenager's collie-cross, which was off its lead, came bounding back to the rescue.

The dog went for the man's legs, biting him, while the girl lashed out at his face, giving him a cut lip and a bleeding nose.

Another example of a justified dog bite. Not all dog bites are bad. But, that is what we hear about most often. You can bet this isn’t the only time in the past year that a dog has saved someone’s life… you just don’t hear about it in the news, because the news is slanted against anything good or normal, even when it comes to dogs.

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