Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Negligent Parents, Negligent Dog Owner

A woman called me yesterday because her dog was on death row for biting a child. The dog, a 9 year old Akita, was put in a room while visitors came over. Two children, 4 and 5 years old, went into the room, unsupervised. The adults heard the dog growling, went in, and found the dog on top of the 4 year old, holding the child by the neck. The child was injured with puncture wounds to the neck.

There was nothing I could do. This would be considered an unprovoked attack. She couldn’t provide me with any justification for the biting incident.

In this type of case, the dog will be put down. The owner of the dog will, most likely be sued for the medical bills and for pain and suffering. And the parents of the kid, though negligent in their supervision, won’t get any kind of punishment (even though they are 50% at fault). If this dog owner has to serve any jail time, then I think these parents should serve just as much time.


Parents: Supervise your kids!!!!

Dog Owners: Dogs and kids can’t be trusted unsupervised. The dog should have been in a locked room.

Lawmakers: Start holding parents liable for negligence in these types of dog bite cases.

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