Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This Cat Owner Is In The Wrong

A cat owner, frustrated that officials couldn't prove a neighbor's dog had killed her pet, took a cue from television legal dramas and used DNA evidence to pursue the case herself.

A lab that analyzed the DNA concluded that the dog was linked to the cat's death, but officials said they still can't make a case because there were no witnesses.

After discovering her cat Cody dead under a tree in front of her home in August, Marylin Christian came to suspect Lucky, a German shepherd mix belonging to neighbors Sean and Janet Daryabeygi.

I’m fed up with these types of cat owners. If you let your cat roam the neighborhood, then it is easy prey to dogs, wild animals, and automobiles. Maybe instead of tracking down the dog that killed her cat, she shouldn’t ever get another cat.

If a dog kills a roaming cat, the dog is NOT to be considered dangerous or vicious. That is what animals of different species do. And it shouldn’t be illegal and she shouldn’t be compensated for her loss.

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