Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hang 'Em High

A 40-year-old Covington man could face animal cruelty charges today for brutally beating the family dog with a golf club during a drunken tirade, police said.

After the putter snapped, the man proceeded to use half the club as a sword, stabbing the black Labrador several times early Sunday morning, police said.

The terrified pet retreated to its kennel, but the enraged man followed the dog, then wailed away at the cage, police said.

Not until the man's 21-year-old daughter used her own body to shield the dog and shouted, ``Just stop, stop,'' did the man show any mercy, police said.

Parents. Have you no shame? I have personal experience dealing with a drunken parent, and having to stand him down during another drunken tirade. You hate them for what they have done. This guy needs some serious jail time… with hard labor. Unless the jail time is hard with these habitual criminals, they come out stronger, thinking they can “handle it”.

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