Sunday, January 15, 2006

Most Popular Dog Breeds In Korea 2005

The yappy Maltese lapdogs were the most popular breed among Koreans in 2005, according to figures from the Korean Canine Club released Thursday. The indigenous Jindo breed ranked second, up five notches from seventh in 2004 after it became an official dog breed registered with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in July last year.

The popularity ranking of pet dogs is based on the number of pedigrees issued by the KCC.

The docile and good-natured Golden Retrievers came third, followed by Miniature Schnauzers, which are suitable for keeping indoors, and Toy Poodles. The German Rottweiler was sixth as the only large breed that made it into the top 10. The Cocker Spaniel, ranked first in 2004 and generating a veritable Cocker fever, dropped to seventh. Popular sled-dogs Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute dropped five places to eighth and ninth respectively, reflecting the difficulty of keeping bigger dogs in urban areas.

Interesting to compare the popularity of specific breeds around the world. In the US, almost no one know what a Jindo dog is, but in Korea, it is the second most popular dog. It is also interesting to note that their most popular dogs are mostly companion Spitz breeds, whereas in the US and Europe, the most popular breeds are European breeds. I expect, over time, that the Korean tastes will change to be more like ours here in the US. The breeds they are choosing are more difficult for novice dog owners to manage, and will fall out of favor over time.

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