Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dog Unjustly Sentenced To Die Because Of Owner's Commands

Schwab was arrested with Gabrielle at his side as they marched down Bowdoin Street around 12:30 p.m. yesterday, minutes after he tried to gain an audience with Beacon Hill lawmakers.

“He said he wanted to save his dog from getting killed,” said a BPD police source who spoke with Schwab after his arrest. “He said he broke her out to save her.”

But Schwab was apparently barking up the wrong tree and someone who spotted him under the Golden Dome called 911.

“He went to the State House where he was seeking political support to keep his dog alive,” said his attorney, William E. Gens. “He really loves that dog.”

Schwab and Gabrielle spent their days on the lam traveling between Arlington, Salem and Boston on the T or commuter trains, the police source said. Schwab would hide the dog under his long coat, which he carried into court yesterday.

Schwab is already facing charges of assault and battery on police officers after he allegedly sicked Gabrielle on Boston cops near Downtown Crossing on Oct. 10.

The dog bit two cops before she was shot in the head.

Gabrielle survived the shooting — after the city spent $4,000 on vet bills and kennel fees — but was ordered euthanized by a Boston Municipal Court judge because of her vicious behavior.

So, a homeless guy tells his dog to attack a police officer, the dog does. Was the man right in sending his dog on the police? No. That was a crime and he should be punished for it. But, does the dog deserve to be put to death for this? No. To put the dog to death, for obeying its master, is a crime, too. This is NOT an indication of a vicious dog, otherwise we could label every police K9 as being vicious for the same behaviors… protecting their masters on command. The dog should have been taken away from this man and given to a responsible dog owner.

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