Saturday, January 14, 2006

Giving Gifts Is Sometimes The Wrong Thing To Do

I have worked with many dog owners over the years. After all that time, you learn a few things. One thing I’ve learned is that people are more likely to take care of a dog that they purchased rather than one they got as a gift, regardless of the age of the person. Similarly, they are more likely to take their dog training lessons seriously if they purchased them themselves than if they got them as a gift.

It’s just human nature. If you aren’t invested in a thing, whether it is a relationship, or a business, or a home, or anything… then you really don’t put as much serious effort into it. Maybe that is why the kids of the ultra rich end up almost insane. They are given everything and never have to make any personal sacrifices. Study the Getty, Rockefeller, etc. family stories.

That is why I’m against giving holiday puppies. I already am prepared to hear the complaints from those pet owners in the coming months. And to watch the shelters fill up with unwanted dogs.

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