Saturday, January 21, 2006

Vigilante Justice?

A SPATE of late-night raids by pet owners rescuing their dogs from behind bars has forced a council to upgrade security at its pound.

The culprits have cut through locks and steel walls at the Warwick Shire Council pound to liberate more than 20 impounded dogs in the past 12 months

You’ll see this kind of thing when the dog laws are completely unfair. I would suspect if you examined these cases, you’d find that to be true. People will fight injustice. Note, these weren’t fighting dogs being sprung loose… these were other breeds. A strong clue that this is about a bad dog law and a bad animal control operation. I've seen dogs on death row, living in a kennel for years and years, while the case snails it's way through the court system... until the dog dies of old age in the shelter... In one case, it was clear the dog was probably innocent, but animal control didn't want to relent, because it would have been a loss of face, so they kept the dog there until it died in custody. I don't justify the acts of those breaking the law, but I also don't condone the way many animal control operations abuse their positions of power. Both are wrong.

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