Friday, January 06, 2006

Dog Rescue Needs Donations

I found this excellent suggestion over at

If you're willing to donate money to benefit animal charities, please make your local animal rescue tops on the list.

Animal rescues take in animals doomed to be euthanized at animal shelters, and give them a chance at life. They also take in sick, injured, and emaciated animals, and spend their time, labor, and money rehabilitating them.

When you donate to an animal rescue, your money goes directly towards the animals in need, and not towards advertising campaigns and political lobbyists.

I have contributed my services to dog rescue for years. But, if you aren’t a dog expert, or don’t have time to be a foster family for a dog, then contributing money is also a great way to help out. Check out the above mentioned article. It gives links to where you can find a local rescue group in your area that could use your help. Thanks,!

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