Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dog Meat Recipes From Korea

It's sold everywhere in Korea, with the color of an eggplant and coiled to look like a fakir's snake. It's sold in streets, under tents and in convenience stores. Restaurants serve it steaming hot, cut in the shape of fat buttons or floating inside an oily soup.

Like France's boudin noir or Scotland's haggis, Korean blood sausage, or sundae as it is popularly known, has been a favorite food here for centuries. The first mention in Korea of stuffing scrap meat and blood into intestines was in the "Gyugonsiuibang" ("The Book of Korean Cuisine and Cooking"), the first cookbook to be written in hangul in 1653. The book instructs readers on how to make steamed sundae by adding spices to minced dog meat and stuffing it into the animal's intestines.

The eating of dogs goes way back in Korea. It is going to take a long while to convince people in Asia that dogs are pets, not dinner.


JaSeong said...
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JaSeong said...

Westerners slaughter and eat cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys by the millions. How is that ok and not ok for dogs to be considered livestock?

We never impose on you what to eat and not eat. So why do you find such a need to tell other cultures what to eat and not eat? That is cultural aggression in my opinion. Westerners should respect other cultures and mind your own business.

Kevin said...

This is not anybody's culture. This is filth, perversity, evil. Why do your people believe in hanging and torturing the animals they kill? Sick, sick, filthy little people. I hope America find some political problem or whatever, and nuke your shitty little country off the planet. That's the only way this evil will stop. The people who do it are NOT human.

Diego said...

Kevin, first of all, they don't torture the dogs (unless you consider torture how you kill a cow and a pig to get their meat).
Second, if you don't eat meat at all, consider all the animals you slaughter when harvesting.
Third, "nuke South Korea because they eat dog"??? WTF? So instead of solving an issue you prefer to kill millions of human beings? Great, Hitler did not eat dog but killed millions. So we can consider you as a fuckin nazi but HEY YOU DON'T EAT DOG!! wow, let's get you a nobel prize.
The amount of people who eat dog in Asia is really small. And even who does it, gets the dogs the same way we get cows and chickens etc. Animals that are to be eaten and not to have in your house as a pet.
And if you consider this something bad, think about what Indian people will think of you eating a cow.

Open your mind, and next time you think about killing millions of people just because they kill some dogs...consider yourself to visit a psychology institute.

Amy said...

I wil probaly eat my dog if he shits in the house again