Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tail Docking Ban A Tool Of The Animal Rights Wackos

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Michelle said...

I'm not an animaal rights wacko, but I disagree with docking and ear cropping. They are very painful procedures, even when performed with lidocaine. Tail docking is done at a few days old, when the pup's tail bones are still soft. It is commonly thought that puppies this age cannot feel the pain because their nervous system isn't fully developed, but that is untrue. The nervous system is completely formed prior to birth. I find it outrageous that ANYONE could say the amputation of a dog's tail does not harm the dog! I suppose your definition of "harm" is different than mine. As a veterinary technician for 13 years at various animal hospitals, I can assure you that it DOES hurt them! The puppies yelp, scream, and whine pitifully both during and after the procedure--even when docking is done at 2 or 3 days old! The mother dogs, hearing the puppy's cries become frantic to *save* her babies. The pups are inconsolable afterwards, and cry even during nursing afterwards. Often, the docking is postponed several days on some littermates due to being smaller or less vigorous; a vet will advise against docking such a neoate because of the stress and pain involved, and the drag on it's system to cope with the amputation. A weaker or smaller pup often will refuse to nurse after tail docking, and therefore is much more at risk of weakening and subsequent death unless medical support is given. Medical support can be anything from pain meds and antibiotics to hand feeding, sub-q fluids, or worse yet, hospitalization for supportive care. Furthermore, it takes weeks for the wounds to heal. Infection is also a risk due to the inability to keep the area sanitary. After all, bitches lick up pup feces, then "clean" the pup's wounds with that same tongue seconds later. For that reason, it is usual to give each puppy long-acting antibiotic injection. I strongly oppose ear cropping because it is simply mutilation for the sake of man's desire to have his dogs be *in style*.