Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Dog Hating Article From Australia

A FATHER whose son was attacked by a friend's dog said yesterday that putting the animal down was the only option.

Police confirmed last night that the owners of the dog had their pet destroyed after it attacked the seven-year-old boy in Colac on Monday.

Steve Rose was relieved yesterday as his son Trent recovered in the Geelong Hospital after being bitten by the dog, named Bonnie.

Trent was patting Bonnie, believed to be a bull terrier cross, when the dog "just turned around and bit him", Mr Rose said.

"She's a good dog, she's just old," he said.

I find it revolting that this bite is blamed, by insinuation later in this article, on the breed of dog involved. The dog was clearly a sick old dog, probably in some kind of pain, and it bit the kid to protect itself. The press in Australia has it out for dogs and their media do article after article on dog bites.

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