Thursday, November 10, 2005

Animal Control Needs Citizen Control & Supervision

Clinton Animal Control Officer Kristi Shaw, who also lives near the original proposed site, said she opposed having a dog park anywhere in Clinton because she was concerned about dogs at the dog park getting into fights or causing other dogs in the neighboring area to bark. Shaw said she also had concerns about the city giving land for use as a dog park because she had heard the group would form a private club and require membership dues to use the park. Shaw said she also wanted to know who would be in charge of maintaining the park.

Can you believe this is an ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER? Her claims are bogus (in my humble opinion). Should this kind of person work for Animal Control?

This same kind of fight happened in Seattle when citizens tried to create off leash parks. Seattle City Animal Control fought hard against it. In that case, the citizens and their dogs won out. On a second fight, most of these same citizens tried to change Seattle’s unfair and inhumane dog bite law. Animal Control fought again. They were smarter the next time, and they helped defeat the citizen’s proposed new law. It is time to take back the power over local Animal Control in most cities. It is inefficiently run, poorly funded, the officers are poorly trained, the laws stink, and the bureaucracy is anti-dog and is only concerned with maximizing their own powers.

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