Monday, November 14, 2005

Illegal Immigration Feeds Dog Attacks

Have you ever considered the link between illegal immigration and pit bull fighting in US?

There are many pit bull fighting operations that are located along the US / Mexico border.

When people breed and train bull breeds to fight, they wreck the dogs and then people get hurt. I had to tell a customer yesterday that their 7 month old American Bulldog was dangerous and needed to be put down. They got it from a backyard breeder on the US/ Mexico border. They felt sorry for the conditions the pup was living in, and decided to buy the pup to rescue it (good intentions, but bad decision). The dog was a classic fear biter. I got the referral from another dog trainer, who was absolutely terrified when he went to their house to start obedience lessons. He didn’t specialize in aggressive dogs, so he referred them to me. The owner was in tears, but she knew I was right. Her veterinarian told her to not come back… they wouldn’t give the dog vaccinations nor board the dog because it was too dangerous. This dog was from fighting lines. Backyard breeders of pit bull dogs don’t much care for the kind of dog they produce, because after they terrorize, drug, starve and aggravate the dogs, they make them insane and they will attack almost anything or anyone.

I know a bit about what I’m talking about. This isn’t the way an American Bulldog should be. Many years ago, I considered getting an American Bulldog for myself. I even spoke to John Johnson (if you know AmBulls, you know about Johnson bulldogs). I was looking at getting a dog from his lines. The dogs I met were very friendly, playful, good looking dogs. They were safe with kids and great with guests in the home. Those dogs were typical of a good AmBull. Even my oldest sister, who isn’t a dog person and is into cats, said that if she ever got a dog, she’d want an AmBull, so that says something.

So, if you want to do something about the wacko dogs being created by these pit fighting operations, then you have to deal with the problems of illegal immigration.

I got this idea from a past posting at DoggieNews: Pit Bull Bans gets special editorial

If you love dogs, then you need to be against illegal immigration, and the lax enforcement policies that are encouraging it. It touches all our lives, and it is long past time for a solution.

WE need:

A full border fence, and seaside water patrols

Electronic surveillance and detection

Unmanned drones flying overhead

A reasonable deportation policy

Repeal of the provision of the Constitution that makes the kids of illegal immigrants into citizens if they are born here

More investment in border control law enforcement

A different trade and political relationship with Mexico

Economic policies which encourage political reform and free enterprise solutions in Mexico

Better LEGAL immigration procedures that let in a reasonable flow of immigrants. Legal immigration is good for the US. We need a plan that would easily convert all our existing illegal immigrants into legal immigrants, while at the same time kicking out the bad ones, and simultaneously not letting any new illegal immigrants into our country.

The problem isn’t the pit bull dogs. A good portion of our pit bull dog attacks is a result of the illegal immigration problem we have in the US. The dogs are getting in through the criminal groups some of these illegal immigrants are associated with. These dogs are also being bred here, to be fought in Mexico. This has to stop.

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