Saturday, November 19, 2005

Don't Take Chances With Dog Flu During Thanksgiving or Christmas!

I think you are taking a HUGE risk by boarding your dog for the upcoming holidays. The Dog Flu is out there, and it could kill your dog. There is no known cure and no vaccination.

This is a situation where you are going to regret not (a.) training your dog so you could bring the dog with you instead of leaving it at home; OR (b.) leaving your dog at home with a pet sitter, if you can’t find a way to bring your dog with you during the holidays. I never understand why people don't train their dogs. What is the point of having a dog that can't go where you go and do what you do? On the other hand, if your family is far away, it isn't always practical or safe to bring your dog with you. In that case, especially this season, you need to make SAFE boarding arrangements for your dog. This year, you need to consider the dog flu. Your dog will die a horrible death if it the dog flu is the cause.

You could come home to a dead dog.

Not a great way to enjoy the time off.

I recommend bringing your dog with you, and have a crate for your vehicle while traveling. Use the crate in the hotel rooms while you eat, and use the crate at relative’s homes when you visit and can’t watch the dog.

OH… also, be careful with your dog concerning holiday foods… chocolate, chicken / turkey bones, big gobs of fat, grapes, raisins, and onions can be dangerous or lethal. Also be careful of kids, people who don’t know a dang thing about dogs, Dog Haters who will hurt your dog while you aren't watching -- it might even be a family member, unsafe objects on the floor that could be swallowed, medicines spilled on the floor, and open doors through which the dog can escape.

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