Monday, November 14, 2005

What Is Wrong With Profits?

Big Drug Makers See Sales Decline With Their Image

So says today’s headline at the New York Times.

What is the deal with the Left trying to take the profits out of legitimate business industries?

The result of all this naysaying?

“The major drug makers remain highly profitable. But at some, including Pfizer and Merck, the largest and third-largest American companies in terms of revenue, sales are stagnant and profits are falling, leading to layoffs and - for the first time in years - cuts in research budgets.”

No profits? Fewer jobs, less research, fewer lives saved. Got it?

The same is going to be true with the PAWS legislation being supported by Sen. Santorum.

A lot of very good breeders are going to be forced out of business by this piece of trash they are calling “legislation”. Take the profitability out of breeding good dogs, and you’ll end up with poor quality dogs.

Examples? Have any of you ever heard of the Farcroft line of Bullmastiffs? Or the Llewellyn Setter? Or the Doberman Pinscher? Or Elhew pointers? Of course not, if you aren’t into breeding. Great dog breeders are few in number, but can often breed quite a number of dogs. These pioneers, who always exists, improve our breeds, not decimate them.

I am against breeding by puppy mills and so-called backyard breeders. But PAWS legislation isn’t the answer. It will wreck many breeds and breeders in the long run.

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Steve said...

I'm not totally convinced that the Left is simply out to take profits away from big corporations. I think the NY Times is more interested in associating troubled-times with the Bush Administration.

Certainly the NY Times is about as big as a corporation gets in the print media biz.

If a large corporation could embrace labor unions, put money into liberal causes, hire a 50/50 mix of blacks and whites into upper management, then liberals will love that corporation.