Wednesday, November 30, 2005

UPDATE: Fatal Dog Attack Will Not Result In Criminal Charges Against Owner

The Milam County sheriff says charges are not likely against the owner of six dogs that killed a Thorndale woman… The dogs involved in the attack were more than 2-feet-tall each. They were inside a three-foot gate, with the door open.

OK, here is the update on this dog attack. A 3 foot fence is NOT adequate for containing a dog. No wonder the dogs got out. Even though it appears the owner will not be charged with a crime, this attack, in my opinion, assuming the facts of the case are as they appear in the news, should have resulted in charges against the owner.

But, also, the city involved might also be at fault. In some cities and communities, it is illegal to put up a 6 foot fence in your yard. Those types of laws need to be repealed.

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