Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Response To Eric Zorn Of The Chicago Tribune

My response to Eric Zorn’s column on banning pit bulls in Chicago:

"Why not simply let the market decide."

Again, this is why I say your "solutions" are socialist. The market ISN'T going to be able to decide, if your plans are enacted. Geez. You ban the breed. Is that market forces in action? You mandate insurance at rates so high that no insurance company will offer them? Is that market forces in action? You put penalties so high that insurers won't touch the risk involved. Is that market forces in action?

" I'd like you to tell the parents of those kids who were mauled in McHenry Country that the attack and the severity of the damage done to their children had nothing to do with the breed of dog -- they could just as easily have been beagles"

I work with dangerous dogs all the time. I have no difficulty in recommending euthanasia for a vicious dog. But I'm not going to pretend that your solution will make kids safe.

The pit bull problem is a drug dealer / gang / criminal dog fighting problem, first and foremost.

Chicago is a haven for crime. The liberal solution is to blame an animal or a gun or some object for the problems of society. Did outlawing pit fighting stop pit fighting? Or do you have to break up criminal gangs to stop the pit fighting. OH, but those poor kids are victims! Can't blame them! Did you know that when Germany passed its pit bull ban, that it was in response to gang activity, primarily from their Muslim immigrant communities? France is burning. Do you think that if they ban dog ownership altogether in Germany, that the pit fighting would stop, or the crime in the ghettos? Same with Chicago. Your town is corrupt, from the mayor on down. How about writing about that? What is your plan for that?

Who backs the breed banning pit bull legislation? What groups work against dog ownership? Animal rights wackos and the emotional, but uninformed.

Dog trainers, breeders, and most veterinarians... experts... say the bans won't work.

Are you aware how easy it is to create another breed? Have you seen the new Puggle craze? So, how do you stop me from breeding a new "pit bull" dog? I could even make it look like a German Shepherd, or a Lab, or anything else with selective breeding.

Sam Basso

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