Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who Should Dog Owners Vote For?

Here’s the best definition of what we should be striving for, politically, when voting for politicians. Candidate Questionnaires should get at what their political philosophy and track record have been regarding law enforcement, zoning, private property rights, and especially their views on dog ownership and animal control.

We should find and support candidates who believe in: “A minimum amount of government and a maximum amount of freedom -- and keeping government out of people's lives and business -- and leaving people alone… [A recognition] you have to have national defense and have to finance the government. But government does not have to be the be-all and end-all.

We have too many, detailed, confusing laws on the books as it is. Now, politicians are focusing on writing dog laws, and they will make it so difficult, you’ll need an attorney to know whether you can tell your dog “No”.

Try going to anti-dog / dog hating web sites, and see the kinds of laws they are proposing regarding dogs: impossible dog barking statutes, breed specific dog bans, expensive insurance requirements, massive licensing schemes, animal rights provisions concerning guardianship, bans on dog parks, bans on dogs in public places, bans on dogs in parks and wilderness areas, bans on hunting dogs, dog size limitation restrictions, impossible zoning requirements for breeders and kennel operators, requirements for muzzling all dogs in public, dog ownership tests, and on and on.

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