Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pit Bulls In France

“Their hatred of official France manifests itself in many ways that scar everything around them. Young men risk life and limb to adorn the most inaccessible surfaces of concrete with graffiti—BAISE LA POLICE, f**k the police, being the favorite theme. The iconography of the cités is that of uncompromising hatred and aggression: a burned-out and destroyed community-meeting place in the Les Tarterets project, for example, has a picture of a science-fiction humanoid, his fist clenched as if to spring at the person who looks at him, while to his right is an admiring portrait of a huge slavering pit bull, a dog by temperament and training capable of tearing out a man’s throat—the only breed of dog I saw in the cités, paraded with menacing swagger by their owners.”

Remember what I said about the criminal elements in Europe were responsible for the breed bans going on there? Well, the socialist system is also responsible.

The rioting problems in France (which are manifest in most European countries) aren’t the dogs. The problems are their socialist systems, which promise equality and prosperity and happiness for all, but instead deliver inequality and poverty and misery.

Note how these countries always try to go around the problems in their systems instead of going at the root causes.

That is why dog lovers say “it’s the deed, not the breed”. Fix societal problems, and the dog problems will go away.

Do you really think if France or Germany killed off all their dogs, that they wouldn’t be having all these social problems?

It’s not the dogs that need to go. It’s the politicians and intellectuals that enable their socialist systems that need to go. They need jobs in private industry, instead of sucking off everyone else like parasites.

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