Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No "Hip Hop" In My Home

One of the attackers was described as a chubby white youth wearing three-quarter-length trousers. He had with him a Staffordshire bull terrier dog.

This is a gang type of violence. It is about time we stopped glorifying the gang lifestyle… in rap music, dress, attitudes, conversation and in our homes. Don’t tell me it is OK for guys to be calling our daughters “bitches and whores”, dropping out of school, dealing in drugs, committing violence, not having jobs, and disrespecting the very society which lets them live this lazy, criminal, cowardly lifestyle.

Why is it that we glorify such a lifestyle, when it leads to the destruction of our youth?

And if you are a dog lover, this kind of trash affects your rights to own a dog. Gang types like to parade around with their dogs to look tough, and they use dogs to protect their drug operations. The resulting pit bull attacks, from the whole gang/ pit bull association result in punitive dog ownership laws all over the world.

If I had kids, I would ban gang related behaviors and materials in my home. NO WAY I’d allow that kind of filth in my home. If I had to, I'd move to a different community, city, state or country. IT IS SHAMEFUL what gang members are doing to each other, to their families and their communities. There is no honor in being a criminal. No dignity. No legacy you will want remembered. And how could you live with yourself if your behaviors resulted in the death of a friend or family member? If you can tolerate this kind of thing, then you are no better than any terrorist. You are as bad as the murders who killed 3,000 people on 9/11.

Dog owners need to be pro-law enforcement. Dog owners need to be pro-social, not anti-social. Gang violence is destroying our rights to reasonably own a dog.

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