Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bully Kutta: New Dog Fighting Breed

Do you want proof that breed bans won’t work?

There is a new fighting breed coming here from Asia.

It is called the Bully Kutta, a fighting dog from Pakistan. It looks like a large pit bull terrier. There are other new fighting dogs... the Guatemalan Bull Terrier, Gul Dong, Indian Bull Terrier... I could go on and on...

So, you ban one breed, and people can create a new one. I can create a new bull terrier breed by crossing a bulldog with a terrier. In Italy, they have already banned 92 breeds! Do you think that has stopped the gangs from fighting dogs there? Yeah, right.

The issue is animal abuse and crime, not the dogs. You have to get at the criminals to stop the pit fighting syndicates.

Pit fighting is an illegal and immoral blood sport. But you can’t stop it by banning breeds. You can always create a new breed by mixing other breeds together.


Bully Kutta said...

"New Dog Fighting Breed?" LOL

With the recent growth of internet, world is turning into a small village. Unfortunately when most people in the west thinks about the dog breeds, their world is often confined to Europe or America.

Let me present a situation regarding this vast planet. Imagine people growing up in Amazon for centuries where the biggest cat that they had ever came accross was the Jaguar. As the time goes on one day they get to hear the fact that there are bigger cats like Lion in Africa or a Tiger in Asia. What will/should happen? On the positive side, sanity is to accept the fact as it is or to deny it because if it did not happen in their backyard then how can it happen? Funny thing is regardless what they think it will not change the reality. WE must come out of this mind set and start to appreciate what this beautiful animal (Bully Kutta) is all about. Nevertheless, it should be no surprise that Indus Valley Civilization that is almost 5000 years old (current day Pakistan) can breed this kind of dog for generations. Today we only find Bully Kutta in rural areas of Pakistan.

Now a little introduction of Bully Kutta in case you did not hear it because the world is slowly coming close as far as as information is concerned. To sum up, "What Tiger is to feline, Bully Kutta is to canine."

36 to 40 inch shoulder height, 200+ lbs, strong muscular built, large head and muzzle, smooth coat. Not that I support dog fighting but the fact is that Bully Kutta has no match. Only thing that can face a Bully Kutta is another Bully Kutta. Period.

Here is a video clip posted by John in South Korea who flew all the way to Pakistan to get one of these pure breeds.


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