Thursday, November 10, 2005

FIGHT BACK! Busybodies Can Get You In Trouble With The Law

The whole thing started quite innocently. I was standing on the corner of Morris and South, chatting with an old friend, when all of a sudden a voice came out of seemingly nowhere telling me to “pick up after your dog”. The sound in question was not to be confused with the booming bass a certain Mr. Moses was rumoured to have heard. Instead, it resembled the waling of a hysterical hyena that had just been told by its vet to stay off meat for a few months. Naturally, I was annoyed and told the screecher to kindly bugger off and do things to himself for which he could get arrested in the Bible Belt. Slightly shocked, he muttered something about the “dog police”, and exited stage left.

Look, it is important to pick up your dog’s poop if you can. Not always are you able… You’ve run out of bags, your dog caught you by surprise, your dog pooped in something that you can’t get at, your dog had diarrhea, etc.

I try to be inconspicuous as possible with my dog. I don’t want to give any ammunition to the Dog Haters. On the other hand, I believe in leaving other people alone…

However, there are way too many busybodies out there who feel it is their Mission From God to get involved in your private business. I just hate that type of person, don’t you? I have a friend being hassled by a nasty neighbor at the moment. I had another friend whose nasty neighbor filed a phony dog bite claim with the police because he hated dogs… fortunately we caught him in his lies and he had to go away. I’ve had the busybodies after me over the years, too… for doing things that were legally and morally proper… but, they just hated dogs and I was their target for the day. It happens to all dog owners at some point.

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