Monday, November 07, 2005

Phoenix Dog Needs A New Home

I have a friend who has suffered some significant personal setbacks over the past couple of years. Now, she is in a situation where she has to give up one of her pets because of a pet restriction in the apartment complex she lives in.

I am seeking a home for her dog…

Her dog is an adult, female, spayed, trained Border Collie/ Lab mix. A nice dog, playful, but excitable (which makes her bark and seem ferocious when on leash at times, especially near other dogs). I love this dog, but I can’t take her in myself. This dog is in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Are you interested, or know of someone interested?

I hate what is happening, and I’m powerless to do more than ask every one of you for help in finding this dog a good home. I don’t want this dog to end up in a shelter. Help me find this dog a good home.

Contact me if you have any good pet leads…

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