Friday, November 18, 2005

Choose Your "Friends" Wisely

In earlier posts, I have mentioned that it is important to consider who you ally with when pursuing a political cause.

If you are a liberal, you can still be pro-dog. Lots of liberals are good dog owners.

But, if you are a liberal, you bring with you a lot of baggage that can and does endanger your right to reasonably own a dog.

So, say you don’t support the war in Iraq. OK, we disagree, but that doesn’t make either of us wackos. But, if you participate in the rabid demonstrations against the war… you align yourself with some of the worst, most violent, dangerous political elements in the country… the communists, Maoists, etc. Here is a link to some of the protesters at a very recent anti-Bush, anti-Iraq War demonstration. Do you want to be associated with these types of wackos? Do you support the kinds of violent revolutions, terrorists and dictators these people support?

If there is a dog issue that affects breeding or the environment, the animal rights nuts and enviro-wackos will be there to fight against your right to reasonably own a dog. And here’s the rub. They will be many of the same people who attended that anti-Iraq war rally you heard about… communists, Maoists, etc.

I try to stay away from the political extremes. There are wackos on the Left and the Right. Folks on the Right are always stuck with the anti-abortion bombers, the wacko dictators, the neo-Nazis, etc. No normal person supports these folks. We don’t go to their rallies, and we don’t get involved in any activity or movement they are involved with. That can’t be said for a lot of liberals in this country, Europe, Asia or elsewhere.

If you love your dog, you’ll disassociate yourself from the extremists, whether they are on the Right or the Left.

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