Sunday, November 27, 2005

Understand The Philosophy Behind Animal Rights

Have you ever taken the time to evaluate why Animal Rights activists are socialists and communists, and why they tend to vote Democratic in the United States, and socialist/ communist in other countries of the world?

Think about what the Animal Rights activists need to accomplish in order to eliminate all domesticated animals (dogs, cats, cows, birds, sheep… you name it…)

Their literature indicates the following strategies:

1.) Stop the “objectifying” of other animals. To do this, they must control the language we use and the media. Thus, you find the making of certain types of TV shows and movies depicting animals with human characteristics and emotions.

2.) Stop “commodifying” animals. They must stop the sale of all animals. Thus, they are going to be for any kind of regulations that can be dreamt up which make the sale of any animal, or animal by product, more expensive or illegal. This is why they have to take an anti-capitalist, pro-socialist/ communist stance, and why they tend to be on the Far Left.

3.) Stop consumption of animals. They must make us think it is repulsive to eat animals, by propagating lies such as the food is contaminated, or that we are eating the equivalent of our own children. Again, this is an anti-capitalist agenda.

4.) Stop private ownership of animals as property. Thus, they will fight for laws that eliminate the breeding, housing, transport, ownership, etc. of animals. In very liberal parts of the US, it is practically impossible to legally open and operate a boarding kennel, have a barn, breed an animal, or own multiple pets. This is all part of the agenda of the Animal Rights activists. Thus, when you find your land prices going up, your zoning changing, your homeowner’s regulations tightening, your ability to have a barn on your property taken away, your farm or kennel or home restricted from having any animals on or in them, etc… making it impossible to own a pet or to raise farm animals… look to the animal rights sympathizers on your local city / county / state legislatures and councils. Again, this requires them to take an anti-growth, anti-capitalist, pro-socialist/ communist stance. They will tend to come from the Democratic Party in the US, or the socialist / communist political parties of other countries.

5.) Define animals as equal individuals to humans in the law. Thus, we see the re-defining of pet “ownership” to pet “guardianship”, to elevate the status of animals to that of humans, and to open the door for human welfare laws to apply equally to animals.

It is important to understand the theoretical, philosophical basis for Animal Rights in order to preserve our rights to reasonably own a dog, of any breed.

So, when you see me go off on the collectivists, socialists, and communists in this world… you have to understand that these movements go directly counter to your right to own a dog. This stuff is being taught in your kid’s schools, in universities, and in law schools. It is being implemented every day, in countless ways, in all our laws. Most of the time, it is a hidden agenda and you won't see it. Unless you can spot the trends and what they mean, you won’t know to fight back.

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