Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't Get Smug, It Could Happen Here, Too

We had better learn the lessons of France, right here in the good ol’ USA…

We have our ghettos, our unassimilated racial minorities, the gang/ pit bull problems, and the socialists who run the major cities across our land.

The riots could happen here, too. I think they are already on the way. I mourn when driving in the "bad" parts of town, in any city, and see young men standing around with no jobs, not in school, and living the gang lifestyle. I hate the way the radicals are able to preach to these young men, philosophies of victimhood and hatred. Where are the parents? Where are the jobs? Why are these living conditions subsidized by the "powers that be"? Why are we allowing this?

A sign of what’s to come? The pit bull bans being enacted in many cities across this country.

Same breed of socialists, same kind of worthless solutions to the problems of society.

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