Friday, November 18, 2005

The Enviro-Wacko Empire Strikes Back!

Don't feed the squirrels? Nuts to you, she says

Is this kind of thing really necessary?

This is why I compare the eco- / animal rights wackos to religious zealots.

Read the lame response by the "expert" from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (a big bloated name for a petty bureaucracy, huh?):

“However innocent Mirowski's intentions, feeding wild animals just isn't a good idea, said Gary Morse, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission."Feeding wildlife is not recommended because it causes animals to lose their natural fear of people," Morse said. The squirrels could set up house in and around her house, causing property damage, he said. Plus, bread is considered junk food for birds.”

Wild animals (Squirrels? Robins? Crows?)? These things are scavengers. They’ll find worse “junk food” lying in the streets.

Next thing you know, they’ll pass an ordinance making it a crime if your dog chases a squirrel or crow in your back yard. I wouldn’t doubt that is illegal already in some communities.

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