Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dear Abby...

I have new neighbors who insist on feeding my dog, Sadie, even though I have asked them repeatedly not to. Sadie has food allergies, not to mention the impact this has had on her training. Sadie gets treats only for doing what she is told to do. What can I do to make them stop feeding my dog (other than moving)? A large fence is not permitted where we live.

If you’ve owned a dog for a number of years, you will eventually run across The Dog Nut. The Dog Nut is a weirdo who will do any number of strange things around you, to you, and to your dog.

I’ve had it happen to me, and it has happened to my customers.

You have to protect your dog from these idiots.

In this case, you have to wonder why these dog owners aren’t (a.) doing a better job of supervising their dog; (b.) bringing the dog inside, instead of leaving the dog outside to be fed by the neighbors, and (c.) filing a restraining order for trespass.

This kind of thing CAN be stopped. These people aren’t well meaning. They are Dog Nuts and they will harm your dog.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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