Monday, November 07, 2005

France Burns While Chirac Fiddles

I’m not too surprised at the level of violence going on in France.

France is a great country being wrecked by the corrupting influence of socialism. We all know why France is a sell out to dictatorial regimes (WARNING: Adults Only... brutal violence), why it is said that Chirac gets a large slice of his campaign contributions from corrupt foreign powers, why France spies on its “friends”, and why the French are generally hated by many people. Sometimes when a country knows it is wrong, it uses hostility, finger pointing, dirty tricks, arrogance, and its apologist friends to fend off the prying eyes of public scrutiny.

So, now we hear this…

French government officials said they would announce a plan Monday for combating the violence and its root causes of high unemployment, poverty and discrimination in the poor communities where the violence is concentrated.”

Do you really believe that those in power in France, who got their country into the mess it is in, can now do a “180” and lead France out? No way. The “root cause” is the socialist politicians they have in power who have erected another failed socialist state. Even the socialist sympathizers here in the US don’t have the solution, so this kind of thing isn’t just a French phenomenon. I wonder if African Americans are going to start resenting the wacko Leftwing media who are portraying the rioters in France as “African immigrants”, to avoid saying the rioters are Muslim, the Iranians are probably behind the rioting as an intimidation tactic to derail the drive to stop their nuclear ambitions, the French leaders are corrupt and incompetent, the problem rests solely on the shoulders of the socialists, and that race has nothing to do with what is going on there. Leftists will always lie about the “root cause” of a social problem, when the problem is the Leftists!

My point is, when you have a bad political system, or a bad set of laws in place, you have to change the rules of the game. You can’t continue to work with the same folks and expect new results.

That truth is evident in our fight against bad dog laws. We continue to vote for the same politicians who voted in the laws we hate, then we go begging them to change the laws… and we find ourselves defeated at the end of our efforts.

We need to get involved in the political process. We need to organize, from small regional interest groups, to something national and international and professionally managed. We need to start electing pro-dog candidates. We need to identify who will vote with us, and then put resources towards getting those folks elected.

Currently, the fight has been waged in the courts and in city council meetings. That means we play by their rules… the laws which are already on the books. We need to put the fight on our terms, by influencing who is sitting on the city councils and presiding over our courts.

In some ways, our targeted dogs are like the canaries in the mineshaft. When the canary dies, you know the atmosphere is poisonous. When you see wacko interest groups rise in power, you know social unrest is eventually going to happen. When you see your dog ownership rights being eroded, it is a sign your have a sick society.

Dog owners are citizens and voters. We don’t have to, nor do we want to, nor should we protest or do violence like the wackos. We can work within the system and change it.

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