Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fight The Windlfall Profits Tax, Will Ya?

I’m sure a number of you are too young to remember some of the many of the failed Liberal / Leftist policies forced upon the American people. Some of these stupid schemes were even voted in by so-called conservatives, because they figured it would keep them in office. Some of these goofy ideas still afflict us today.

Some Memorable Moments Down The Leftist Hall Of Shame (The Fool's Dozen):

1.) Nixon’s Wage and Price Controls, 2.) Carter’s Foolish Overthrow of the Shah of Iran which gave rise to the Ayatollah Khomeini, 3.) Gasoline Price Controls In 1973 and 1979, 4.) Minimum Wage, 5.) Windfall Profits Tax, 6.) 55 Mph Speed Limit, 7.) Removing Faith From the Public Marketplace, 8.) Political Correctness and Self Esteem studies, 9.) Comparable Worth, 10.) Proportional Representation, 11.) Rent Control in New York, and 12.) Price Controls on Prescription Drugs.

You Would Think People Would Learn

Leftists never learn the lessons of history. They just come back and try their failed schemes over and over again. That is because they are fanatics, who can’t be reasoned with… kind of like the Terminator!

Two Glaring Recent Examples

The latest, stupid idea of the Leftists is to impose a Windfall Profits Tax on the oil companies. Past history, and good economic theory, proves this won’t work. It will be detrimental to all of us.

It is SHAMEFUL that some Republicans (who are supposed to be free market advocates) are holding hearings into imposing such a tax.

The other, brainy idea is the PAWS bill, which is an animal rights-inspired dog breeding law, which will regulate the breeding of dogs. Such a bill might decimate good breeding kennels, and will allow the animal rights nuts to put good breeders out of business. Such legislation is anti-capitalist, and should be opposed by conservatives. But, Senator Santorum, a Republican, is sponsoring this legislation. I oppose this kind of socialist solution being applied to the dog world, or any other aspect of our private lives or business. It is an unfair and unwise restraint on the free markets, and it will only embolden and strengthen the animal rights nuts in this country.

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