Thursday, November 17, 2005

Media Censorship By The Far Left

OK, I’m talking about the socialists again… I’m going to keep driving this point home until you get it.

Have you ever noticed how the socialists try to stifle free speech?

Here is a statistic that should bring shame to Fidel Castro and the cronies who prop up the aging tyrant: Nearly one out of every five imprisoned journalists around the world is held in a Cuban prison. The dictatorship knows no shame, of course, but today, as the world observes Jailed Journalists Day, it is fitting to remember that among the many men and women unjustly condemned to prison in Cuba are nearly two dozen journalists.

Have you noticed the news blackout concerning the continuing rioting in France? Is it even in the first 2 pages of your local newspapers? Imagine, a potential civil war is happening in a major, nuclear armed, Western country, and we aren’t hearing any more about it! As in France, and with the major US newspapers… they are suppressing news of the daily riots in France, because the only logical solution is to publicly abandon the promotion of their socialist ideals… and they don’t want to do that. So, they are pretending that the riots are not taking place. These Left Wing Wackos would rather you not know the extent of the problems, than allow their favored leaders, like Jacque “The Weasel” Chirac, to be shown up as the failures that they really are. You see, US Left Wing Wackos want the same policies here that are failing in France… but if they admit how they are failing there, they can’t implement them here.

Beware of this when you try to change the dog laws in your city. Most city newspapers are very liberal (meaning, they have covert and overt socialist owners and managers), and they will use smears and censorship tactics to shut you down.

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