Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Living Well With My Dog

Do you travel with your dog? I do. My current dog, Dillon, over his 6 years of life, has so many miles on him, and has been in so many hotels, and done so many things, I can’t even count it all.

My dogs go everywhere with me. Dillon is with me 24 / 7 unless I feel that it would be better to leave him at home (which means, it is too hot at that time of day to leave him in the car unsupervised).

We’ve been to Banff, Canada

Mt Rushmore




And everywhere in between. A couple hundred thousand miles. Many, many hotels. All types of weather. Many types of training environments. Dates. Movies. Friend’s houses and apartments. Customer’s houses. Beaches. Mountains. Desert. Streams. Lakes.

You name it, we’ve probably done it.

I have only been apart from my dog, for any extended period, 4 times in his life…

When I did a seminar for the Mastiff Club of America in Oklahoma City

When he accidentally swallowed some Aleve, and had to be hospitalized (that was a horrible experience, since he could have died… Aleve is poisonous to dogs… I now keep that kind of stuff in the garage… I won’t leave it in my home)

When I did a seminar for the Southern States Rottweiler Rescue organization in Monroe, Louisiana

When I flew back to Seattle to help my family members move to Phoenix, Arizona.

I figure if you get a dog, you incorporate it into your life.

Not everyone gets it.

They get a dog and never take it anywhere, don’t play much with it, and let it just kind of be a walking carpet. What a shame. You can get so much more out of your dog.

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