Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Canada Needs Better Dog Legislation

Canada has serious dog law problems. Check out what the Dog Legislation Council of Canada is doing to fight back.

The knee jerk reaction of many politicians, when people are trying to curb crimes which involve dogs, is to ban certain breeds of dog. That gets rid of the dogs, but it doesn’t get rid of the bad people.

You know, there are many grizzly bear attacks in Canadian parks every year. Do they try to ban grizzly bears? Or do they try to educate people instead? Because the enviro-wackos value wild animals over domesticated animals, they won’t ban a wild animal. They will hold the people responsible. But, when it comes to domesticated animals, like dogs, they blame the dog and try to ban it.

Now, in the animal kingdom, do you really think a domesticated dog has more moral reasoning than a wild animal? Should the wild animal be justified in doing what it does, without question, and the domesticated animal not be justified?

This is a classical example of the problems we face when we try to anthropomorphize animals, treating them as furry little humans instead of what they really are: animals.

When they tried to ban guns in Brazil, word is that the NRA helped out to defeat the proposal. This is a global economy and the internet makes us all able to influence politics on a worldwide basis. Those of us in the USA should help dog lovers in Canada fight these unfair dog laws. What happens there can be used as a precedent by judges and lawmakers here to enact unfair dog laws.

There are more dog lovers in Canada than dog haters. Build on that.

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