Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Environmentalism Isn't Compatible With Animal Rights

It has always seemed strange to me that so many environmentalists are also animal rights activists. I don’t think the two concepts are compatible at all. When activist groups claim they are both, they are really just animal rights wackos.

A true environmentalist is concerned with

Pollution: Animal rights supporters are against pollution because it is the product of humankind (which they see as inherently evil). If pollution harms an animal, then they are interested in pollution. But only as a way of limiting human influence in nature.

Evolution: A true animal rights activist is against evolution or science. They think, if they try hard enough, they can repeal the laws of the jungle through human-made laws and action. The main premise of evolution is belief in the laws of natural selection. There are predators and prey. In evolutionary theory, there is a recognition of domestication and natural selection. Read “The Origin of Species” by Darwin some time. I don’t think you can be an animal rights supporter and believe in evolution. Animal rights activists want to ignore or repeal the laws of nature, using the laws of man. Good luck. Won’t happen. Animal rights supporters are anti-human, which is anti-nature (humans are part of nature, by definition).

The power and danger of environmental science: Animal rights supporters are anti-science… no evolution, no experimentation, no domestication, no medicine, no engineering… nothing. That goes against the goals and practices of honest environmentalists, who use good science to advance the quality of life on earth.

The preservation and improvement of the natural world through limiting human intervention: Animal rights activists only have this in common with environmentalists. Yet, even in this area, they disagree. Animal rights believers support the elimination of all domesticated animals and see humans as inherently evil, whereas environmentalists don’t support these positions. True environmentalists don’t hate dogs. True environmentalists don’t believe in the mass extinction of mankind.

True environmentalists recognize that all indigenous peoples had domesticated dogs: Eskimos, Native Americans, Africans, Asians, etc. They all had dogs and lived in nature. Dogs and humans, according to most evolutionary theories and studies, have been companions for at least 10,000 years. Animal rights wackos want to end this relationship between dogs and humans, by causing dogs to go extinct.

I think if you are an environmentalist you cannot believe in, or support, animal rights. You can't have it both ways.

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