Friday, November 18, 2005

CIA Foreign Network? Treason To Protect A Corrupt Bureaucracy

The press can be incredibly unfair to you if they are on a Crusade against you, your business, or your cause. At worst, they will violate the law to harm you or the public. Check this out…

The CIA has established joint operation centers in more than two dozen countries where U.S. and foreign intelligence officers work side by side to track and capture suspected terrorists and to destroy or penetrate their networks, according to current and former American and foreign intelligence officials.

There is a war going on right now… No, not the one we all hear about in Iraq. This war is the one between the CIA bureaucracy and the White House.

The White House, under President Bush, and his appointed CIA Director, Porter Goss, are trying to reform the CIA after the disastrous intelligence failures leading up to the Afghan War (we didn’t get Bin Laden), the Iraq War (we couldn’t find Saddam Hussein to decapitate the government at the start of the war, the bad assessments concerning his WMD’s… which might still exist in some form or another, the rise of the Islamist resistance, etc.), the stealing of our most valuable military secrets to China (missile guidance technology, our blueprints for our most advanced nuclear warheads, loss of our silent submarine technology, the downing of that surveillance plane, and the loss of our directed energy weapon technology… gee, what could be worse?!), and other failures.

The CIA is a mess.

And the entrenched bureaucrats are fighting reform. So, now they are making selective leaks, of top secret missions, to the liberal press, in order to embarrass and harm Bush, as a way of trying to effectively neuter his administration. It has become a very nasty war. And this is proof of why we need a serious house cleaning at the CIA. When major governmental bureaucracies are under attack, they will do anything… ANYTHING… to save themselves. Even to the point of being traitors to their country. This leak is TREASONOUS. Not only should the sources for this story be hunted down and jailed for life, this reporter should also be jailed for aiding and abetting the enemy.

This really is an example of “the enemy within”.

As someone once said… and I’m paraphrasing this quote… the Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact.

I don’t think we need to put up with this kind of garbage. It’s time some heads rolled. We have soldiers in the field, dying on a mission we sent them to perform. This endangers the lives of our people.

So, now… let’s link this back to dogs, since this is a dog blog!

Once you engage in a battle with City Hall and/or animal control, you are going to find “leaked” information and planted stories in the press designed to discredit you and your issue. The press is generally anti-dog when it comes to dog legislation. Thus, you have to expect smear articles concerning your personal life and the lives of those in your pro-dog group. You will find the press doing an exposé of some sort, even using bogus “facts” to discredit your positions. Be prepared for the press to also have insiders leak information concerning any secret negotiations, and having access to personal data concerning the bureaucracy and City Council which you won’t have a legal right to see. Just remember, these folks biggest weakness is the blog world. They can control the major media in town, but they can’t control your pro-dog websites or blogs. They also can’t control you if you set up public hearings and meetings of your own, by publicizing or advertising to the local population. If you want to win against the press, you have to form your own mini-counter press operation to keep your supporters informed, and to bypass the traditional chains of information distribution in your town.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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