Saturday, November 12, 2005

Distortions and Anti-Dog Agenda Of The Mainstream Media

The Leftist media in Illinois is at it again. They are starting to drum up stories on “pit bull” attacks in Illinois in order to push for a statewide ban on targeted dog breeds.

Note how this story starts: “Another violent incident involving pit bull attack is being reported -- this time in Chicago.

Wasn’t this story really about a gang fight?

Why wasn’t the focus of the story about gangs instead of dogs?

Aren’t gangs a bigger problem in Illinois than dogs? And who owned these dogs that attacked (gang members!).

But no, there are the gang apologists that won’t go in and clean up that corrupt city, Chicago.

The media purposely slant the news for their wacko Far Leftist, socialist agenda.


Donald Trump blog, concerning the New York Times and Judith Miller

The Brussels Journal, concerning how the French media (and also US media) are purposely NOT reporting on the continuing violence in France.

The attempt to rehabilitate Mary Mapes in the now thoroughly discredited Bush AWOL story (Rathergate)

The hatred of Israel and love of the Islamofacists, as discussed at the Atlas Shrugs blog

The Left’s love of the criminal Fidel Castro, or that terrorist Che Guevera, or that convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal… you name the Leftist cause, they’ll lie to make their case for socialism.

The hatred of anything religious, and the denigrating of faith as “the opium of the people”

Or, not blaming gangs for the pit bull problems in Chicago, and other places around the world

I could go on and on. We know the far Left media have an agenda, and they are in control of the mainstream media.

The Reason for the unfair reporting?

The Left’s warped sense of VICTIMHOOD

Their religion goes as follows: IF IT HAS POWER, IT MUST BE EVIL.

Thus, they hate anything that is associated with the symbols of power, and will side with criminals and thugs instead:

The far Left hates:

Donald Trump



Big dogs




The hypocrisy is clear. The big media, and some of the richest folks in the world, are entrenched in the causes of the far socialist Left… But they remain free from scorn.

I’m just glad they are getting their comeuppance after all these years of controlling the flow of news and information.

Long Live The Blog World!

We can counter the lies of the Leftist media with blogs like this. We can hold them to the truth, and even put them out of business by discrediting their lies.

It is time that rationality and the truth prevail.

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