Sunday, November 06, 2005

Need To Find Our Allies & Form Coalitions

Do you pay attention to social trends? I do. I also pay attention to social correlations.

I also figure that you should know who you are associating with… when you align yourself with one cause, you bring along a whole lot of other baggage…

So, here’s what the anti-dog folks have in common. They typically align themselves with all these fanatical causes. Ask yourself… do you really want to be associated with these kinds of people? As they say… birds of a feather, flock together…

Animal Rights Supporters Typically Also Belong To One Or More Of The Following Political Groups

Anti-capitalist/ free enterprise groups
Anti-Jewish groups
Anti-religious groups
Anti-war (unless they are fighting Western countries) groups
“Green” groups
Groups that take money from corrupt and dictatorial regimes
Groups that want to dismantle law and order
Groups that want to dismantle national borders
Pro-abortion/ eugenics radicals
Pro-illegal immigration
Radical anti-male groups
Radical labor union groups
Redistribution of wealth groups (taxpayer funded income to people who won’t work even if they are able)
Socialist and Communist groups
Terrorist appeasing groups
Vegan groups
Violent “Peace” groups
Wacko environmental groups

Are you a supporter of all this junk? If so, then you will eventually have to come to the conclusion that dogs are evil and should be put out of existence. If you support even one of these causes, you are harming your dog. Think on that.

I can’t support these radical movements. I won’t go there. I love my dog, and I see the good dogs do in society. Do you now see why I rail against the collectivists? They want to destroy pet ownership.

I am a bit tired of fanatics using government to impose rules on my personal life. Hasn’t that been the struggle of mankind against tyranny for all of existence?

The point of this is that we have to start finding our allies, to build coalitions that will fight against the Dog Haters…

Here is who I think will support us:

Dog Lovers

Anti-Socialist/ Anti-Communist groups
Anti-Terrorist groups – they won’t like the tactics of the enviro/ animal rights wackos
Breeders – cattle, dog, etc.
Capitalist/ free enterprise groups
Dog Owners
Dog Trainers
Groups that support personal freedom
Groups that want to limit government regulation
Groups who respect private property rights
K9/ Police, Military K9, Schutzhund, KNPV, Ring Sport groups
Other Pet Groups – Horses, cats, etc.
Pro business groups
Pro-gun groups
Some religious groups (the Catholics have a pet blessing day)
Sports groups, especially hunters
The food industry
The medical/ vaccine industry
The pet food, toy, etc. industry

There are probably many more… but this is a start.

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